Nozzle Pulling tool for John Deere A B D G H Carburetors DLTX 10 18 34 53 67 71

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Nozzle Pulling tool for John Deere A, B, D, G, and H carburetors. For Deere A D and G carbs DLTX 3, 6, 8, 9, 16, 15, 17, 24, 33, 41, 51, 53, 63, 71, 72, 108, 108u Use JJCTK5 For Deere B Carbs DLTX 10 34 67 & 73 use tool: JJCTK6 For Deere H Carbs DLTX 26 & 46 use tool: JJCTK7 For all 3 Search Purchase JJCTK8 Nozzle Pulling tool for removing the nozzle from Marvel Shebler DLTX carburetors used on 2 cylinder John Deere tractors. This tool has been designed to thread the nozzle inside the DLTX carburetor stem, thread the rod into the nozzle, and pull the nozzle. This is a kit of all three nozzle pullers (JJCTK5, JJCTK6, and JJCTK7) Notes: Ensure that the bore of the stem is as clean as possible to allow the nozzle to be removed smoothly. the tool is delivered with the intent to pull the nozzle, however, there is enough length provided with the rod to allow a "slide hammer" effect with a heavy socket. This is a MUST for rebuilding these DLTX carburetors. Please check out our other kits for additional service tools for these carburetors. DLTX Tools: JJCT8, JJCT9, JJCT10, JJCT11, JJCT12, JJCT13, JJCT14, JJCT15, JJCT16, JJCT17, JJCT18, JJCT26 DLTX Tool Kits, JJCTK1, JJCTK2, JJCTK3, JJCTK4, JJCTK5, JJCTK6, JJCTK7, JJCTK8