Economy Carburetor Kit Fits Massey Ferguson 85 88 303 Harris 201 203 Tractor

Sale price$28.99


Economy Carb Kit For Marvel Schebler carburetors

Fits: Massey Ferguson 85, 88, Super 90, 303; Harris: 44-6, 201, 202, 203 Tractors


Main bowl gasket is 3-5/8"" C-C holes 5-3/16"" overall length

Kit includes: Needle and seat float lever pin seal gaskets instructions

Includes parts shown in picture above. Note: For reassembly purposes only, instruction sheet may depict parts that are not included in this kit.

Make sure to find your Marvel Schebler carburetor manufacturer number in the list below. If your number is not listed, this kit is not the correct kit for your application.

Carburetor Numbers TSX104, TSX105, TSX106, TSX11, TSX123, TSX135, TSX160, TSX162, TSX168, TSX176, TSX185, TSX208, TSX216, TSX238, TSX249, TSX257, TSX259, TSX268, TSX27, TSX276, TSX27A, TSX296, TSX303, TSX307, TSX310, TSX342, TSX355, TSX364, TSX369, TSX373, TSX383, TSX384, TSX385, TSX389, TSX392, TSX394, TSX396, TSX399, TSX411, TSX415, TSX433, TSX440, TSX441, TSX457, TSX467, TSX477, TSX482, TSX485, TSX488, TSX491, TSX499, TSX538, TSX548, TSX578, TSX581, TSX591, TSX599, TSX604, TSX607, TSX609, TSX616, TSX62, TSX624, TSX625, TSX629, TSX640, TSX644, TSX647, TSX654, TSX659, TSX666, TSX666-1, TSX669, TSX67, TSX677-1, TSX68, TSX685, TSX693, TSX712, TSX715, TSX717, TSX726, TSX726-1, TSX734, TSX740, TSX749, TSX751, TSX759, TSX761, TSX779, TSX780, TSX782, TSX783, TSX785, TSX786, TSX786-1, TSX794, TSX795, TSX804, TSX805, TSX807, TSX81, TSX817, TSX82, TSX821, TSX823, TSX824, TSX838, TSX839, TSX842, TSX845, TSX846, TSX847, TSX848, TSX852, TSX855, TSX859, TSX861, TSX863, TSX868, TSX870, TSX870-1, TSX874, TSX876, TSX880, TSX887, TSX890, TSX901, TSX915SL, TSX916, TSX918, TSX929SL, TSX93, TSX935SL, TSX951SL, TSX953SL, TSX969SL, TSX99, TSXU837, TSXU838, TSXU839