Piston Ring Set-Fits Case Tractor V VC

Sale price$134.99


Quality Aftermarket: Piston Ring Set 4-Cylinder

Fits: Case Tractor Some V, VC, VO w/ F124" Continental Engine and 3" bore, (3) 0.125" compression rings, (1) 0.250" oil ring


3" bore

(3) 0.125" compression rings

(1) 0.250" oil ring

Measure old rings before purchasing. Do not order by tractor model only. Due to the many different piston manufacturers, there can be as many as 8 different ring sets available for one particular engine. To ensure you order the correct rings, we will need the following information: 1.) Bore Size. 2.) Thickness of each Ring. 3.) How many of each Ring Thickness per Piston. If opened Rings can not be returned

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