MAO595 Distributor Cap 4-cyl EARLY Delco Cockshutt Tractor 540 550 1350

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Quality Aftermarket: Distributor Cap (4-cyl.) (For EARLY Delco distributor w/ clip held cap up to 1963)

Fits: MAO595, Delco 811735 Cockshutt Tractor 540 with Delco 1111717 distributor and clip held cap, 550 with Delco 1112586 distributor and clip held cap- Cockshutt; 550 with Delco distributor and clip held cap-Oliver Built Cockshutt Tractor; 1350 with Delco distributor 1112606 and clip held cap


Brass contacts

JJAB276 does NOT fit distributors or magnetos built by Autolite or International.

Replacement Numbers

MAO595, Delco 811735